Pathology and test result follow up

The Jamberoo Surgery has a strong preference for patients to make appointments to follow up on any test results undertaken. We chose not to deliver results via phone, unless deemed acceptable by the doctor.

Any test results which require ongoing management will require another appointment and the doctor will make sure you are contacted to arrange this appointment. Please allow 2 days for pathology and radiology results to be processed and actioned by the doctor.


Our practice has a zero-tolerance policy towards violence and does not tolerate verbal or physical threats made towards member of staff or GP’s.

Repeat Prescriptions / Referrals / Sick Certificates

To maintain good medical practice, it is the surgery’s policy to only prescribe repeat prescriptions with a consultation with the doctor. If the treating doctor decides to prescribe a prescription without a consultation, then a fee will be applied.

Referrals to a medical specialist generally require consultation by the referring doctor.

Certificates for sickness or carer’s leave require a medical consultation with the doctor. Please note certificates cannot be backdated.

Drugs of Dependence

If you are not known to a particular doctor, or are not a regular patient at the practice, and you request certain medications, then your request may be declined. This will include, but is not limited to certain pain medications (or drugs of dependence). This includes drugs such as benzodiazepines (and other sleeping tablets), morphine based medications , oxycodone, tramadol, panadeine forte and any other strong pain relief or sedative.

Patient Feedback

We constantly strive to improve our service delivery and clinical care and welcome your feedback so we can improve your experience. We welcome feedback from patients and have a ‘feedback’ box at the surgery, which we encourage you to utilise. We also encourage email responses or you can speak with one of our staff to share your views on how we can improve your experience at the practice.

On a regular basis we invite patients to complete a questionnaire on their view of The Jamberoo Surgery and how it could be improved. We use an independent provider to review and report on this feedback to ensure confidentiality. The feedback is also compared with other practices and helps us consider improvements to our facilities and services. Where any of the feedback is a complaint to any aspect of our service, we will investigate the matter and confirm the outcome of the investigation with you in writing. We believe it is best to handle feedback locally. However, if patients prefer to address feedback through external parties you may contact the following agency:
Health Care Complaints Commission,
Locked Mail Bag 18, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012.
Telephone (02) 92197444 or 1800 043159.

Patient privacy policy

The Jamberoo Surgery is committed to protect the privacy of your personal information. Please ask a member of our team if you require further details.