Welcome to The Jamberoo Surgery and the Mums and Bubs Clinic

Sleep, cry/fuss and feeding issues can become very challenging and daunting with so much conflicting advice and information to explore and think about. We are not trying to add to that stress, but provide information from current evidence-based sources, which have produced significantly successful outcomes. Our aim being to make your parenthood journey and new family connection more fulfilling and enjoyable.

We are eager to help facilitate and support by sharing the knowledge and skills we have learnt from the Possums Network (https://possumsonline.com).

Having completed the training in Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC), it has refreshed and updated our knowledge and advice to parents, dispelling some of the old traditional advice from well-wishing family members and also traditional midwifery knowledge taught to Dr Cave during her practice as a midwife.

If traditional methods are working for you, then we are certainly not advocating to change this, but if you are struggling and open to trying the new evidence-based practices, we feel you have come to the right place. 

Our aim is to make your experience as parents as fulfilling as possible. We will never say it will be easy because being a parent certainly isn’t, but by being able to cope with the challenges over the first 12 months of a bubs life is what we hope to achieve. To feel okay with trialling new things, some will work for you and others won’t, but you will be supported all the way.

We don’t want you to feel rushed and so our initial appointments are long on purpose as we want to help explore your unique needs and concerns.

We have lots to explore and explain and so having the time to do this is a must. Making time to help achieve confidence and support in establishing your bubs feeding and sleep needs.

We look forward to being a part of the process for you and your family on this parenting path.

If you would like to find out more information then call the surgery on (02) 4207 4222.

Dr Mel
Dr Mel
Nurse Kelly
Nurse Kelly